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The World's Most Powerful Photographs- or NOT!?

I stumbled on to this video recently. I realized it was also shared by Darren Rowse on his blog! I personally feel that a set of photographs in a 2 minute video can not do justice to the no. of terrors & tragedies that have been thrown at the world. Some other images that I feel could have made the list even though they might not instantly seem iconic but [...]

Interview with Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

Annu is a Professor of Art (Photography) at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island. From being featured in the book BLINK from Phaidon (celebrating the vision & quality of 100 most exciting international contemporary photographers) to shooting in the streets of India, Annu has bought her photography to life by threading the very strings of her thoughts & ideas with colors & sometimes even without them. Her [...]

8 Tips On Selling Fine Art Photography Online

If you ask Fine Art Photographers about how they went about selling their work online, 90% of them will tell you that its a game of patience. Selling fine art is a tricky business & most people look for selling on the internet as getting featured in galleries or getting an agent is a lot harder than it might seem. Fine art photography is a niche that gathers relatively smaller fans [...]

Have You Listed Your 10 Reasons To Get Hired As Photographer?

Sales and marketing are two areas where there is always enough room for improvement. The 10 minute tips can never hurt anyone. Today, I am not going to share any unique tip that may help you in landing clients but a rather simple and possibly over-used tip in terms of writing blog posts, however not so much while connecting with the clients literally. Photography business bloggers would ask photographers to [...]

The Photograph That Made $18,000 For It's Photographer

Take a good look at this photograph. Under daily transactions, how much do you think a photo buyer or perhaps any photo agency will pay for this… Every photographer out there to do business swears by the importance of marketing. Being active on various social networks can land one with great clients in the most unexpected places. Allen Ayres, a wedding photographer in Texas did not know that the photograph [...]