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Photographers To Watch Out For In 2012

With Facebook giving all its users the option of creating fan pages for business, anyone who could afford a DSLR (almost anyone!) has been busy calling himself a professional photographer & getting to increase likes & comments. Rather than spending time on creating creative photo shoots & concepts, coming up with innovative ideas, traveling & learning more, most of them newbies end up running in circles. On the other hand, some of them have emerged from all the hullabaloo to actually make a difference in way people perceive photographs. Their work is inspiring, creative & quite frankly more magical making them stand out from the crowd. Here’s a list of some amazing & unconventional photographers I have come across this year. Keep an eye on them, they are worth following! (Click on the photographs to see more works of the respective photographers)

1. David Olkarny

© David Olkarny

Little should be said about this man as words might get in my way of telling you how splendid his works are. His style of shooting is candid, visually intense & the results are nothing short of spectacular. He has a tendency of bringing shots surreal & dreamy elements that I’ve seen very limited amount of photographers do justice to. He does portraits, videos, fashion & claims to create memories.  All of 23, David is based out of Brussels, Belgium & holds a degree in moviemaking as well. He marks the beginning of our list of photographers to watch out for in 2012. You can find him on : Facebook | Twitter | Website | Flickr

2. Ryan Schude

© Ryan Schude & Lauren Randolph

Ryan Schude has a name that has bombed on the L.A front because of his mastery in controlling lights, props, models & overall environment like none other. The old time photographers who have seen his work are respecting the amazing concepts that he brings to life with ease. With subtle hints of dark humor also, he brings a different flavor to his photography which is almost signature enough to be called “cinematic”. Critics who have liked Ryan’s work also say that he can very smoothly & brilliantly capture a story in a single frame. Check out his work here: Website | Flickr

3. Erin Mulvehill

© Erin Mulvehill

Erin Mulvehill is a young budding photographer based out of New York City (Brooklyn) who’s magical & mystic photos paint dreamy faces in the mind. A Buddhism follower, she takes inspiration from the ancient practice, mixes it with ideas from the body & the mind and creates images that are hard to come by daily. Her underwater photo shoot & other such series are exciting examples of the kind of fantasy that she is capable of producing.  Very true to her roots & honest in all the senses, her captures are exceptionally beautiful. Her works on the website, define what she does best, freezing time.

4. Jackie Hardt

© Jackie Hardt

Jackie Hardt’s work as a photographer shines through also because she has had a successful modeling career before she switched sides. With precise & playful colors, her photography has been featured in Elle Magazine, Vanity Fair & Rolling Stone among other notable ones. Her unique sense of composition & tones that her THE fashion photographer to follow in the coming times. You can find her work here: Facebook | Website. For projects in Asia, get in touch here: Justin Chan

5. Samuel Bradley

© Samuel Bradley

Samuel Bradley introduces himself as a photographer based in London who enjoys books, self publishing & high quality menswear. His photography has been collectively appreciated by more than just a handful of photography critics. Some of his controversial works have also managed to garner the attention his photography deserves because of his aesthetically eccentric sense that comes alive in his photographs. Everything from stuffed animals to mountain & men, this young 22 year old is sure to make waves in UK scene. Find more of his work here: WebsiteFacebook | Flickr | Twitter



  1. August 30, 2012  8:15 pm by Terence Chang Reply

    Great photographers ... Hope one day I have chance to be one of them. ;)

    • September 6, 2012  2:35 pm by Mayank Reply

      Thanks for dropping by, went through your portfolio and it looks amazing :)
      Wish you all the luck for your photography endeavour :)