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Online Photo Backup Services: Only The Best & Affordable

DepressedAny Photographer must have a good photo backup strategy. It’s like an insurance that reassure your assets aren’t going anywhere. Yet, lots of photographers make the mistake of not backing up their work. When you come to think of it, do you really want to take the risk of wasting around your photographs? Proper investment should be made in photo backup services to make sure that you don’t lose your hard earned work unless it is nothing more than a point & shoot.

In this post I’m not talking about the photo backup strategy that Scott Kelby & Haje Jan Kamps can afford, we’re going to talk about online photo backup services that you can use to live peacefully. Having an online backup is equally important as much as having an offline backup because not only its way more affordable but also the computing is shifting on cloud! (Haven’t you heard about cloud computing yet?)

There is lot of innovation happening on the internet, Ph.D., engineers and data-backup experts are devising new techniques of archiving & compression to help common people backup their data at super affordable rates. There are companies whose motto is to making online backup as a house-hold commodity. Pricing has been one of our primary concern, after all who doesn’t want photo backups without burning a hole in their pockets? Sure they all vary in terms of features, but set & forget is the feature that we were looking for while doing our research.

Online photo backup services are like bank vaults, your photos are invaluable and they keep it safe!

Here are Best Online Photo Backup Services in 2012

1. BackBlaze


This young open culture company has created waves in the industry of online backups. They’ve recently secured $5 Million funding, and have even shared their innovation encouraging their competitors to further innovate! What puts them on top of our list? We couldn’t find a single negative review; not because of their strategic PR or anything but because all their customers LOVE THEM. After all, for as little as $4/month (2 yr. Bulk pricing – which is $95 for 2 years) they are giving away unlimited space even for business accounts. There are no hidden fee, no strings attached! It might sound like a web trap but believe us, its true! They’ve been covered and have a nod from almost all the major tech publications. Compared to others, it may not have lot of features but it truly is one of the best online backup service available on the web.

2. CrashPlan


CrashPlan is another company that is making the online backup as house-hold commodity by making it really affordable. Professional photographers should fall in business class however they haven’t shared the pricing plans for business users. I think a professional photographer can start with their personal plan which offers $3/computer/month, although, they may have issues with it and may suggest you to upgrade. At the time of writing, their Live chat support wasn’t available – so I couldn’t clarify this. They’ve got great reviews from top blogs like MacWorld and have clients like Microsoft, Google, NASA etc.

3. iDrive


iDrive is yet another impressive data backup service. It offers 5 GB of storage for free, however for business accounts (professional photographers in this case) their plans start from $10/month for 100 GB of storage. iDrive has an impressive list of features with like sync facility, runs on various platforms (even Android & iPhone) and has web-based backup management. cnet has given it an impressive rating of 4.5/5.

4. Jungle Disk


Rackspace (one of the largest cloud hosting companies) being the parent company, Jungle Disk has to be impressive. It’s pricing has Pay-as-you-go plan along with fixed $2/month charge. So, lets say you’ve got 50 GB of photos for backup, then with Jungle Disk you’d be paying about $2 + (50×0.15=$7.5) = $9.5/month. It’s definitely expensive in terms of what its counter parts are offering, however there would be a lot of photographers who may not want to store that much data. For them, it surely is a good bet.

5. Carbonite


Carbonite is yet another service that has got accolades from the tech community. It’s pricing is definitely higher than the above mentioned services, however with a flat fee of $60/month professional photographers are free to back up unlimited photos. Unlike CrashPlan, Carbonite has clearly mentioned on their website that businesses with only 1-2 computers can subscribe to their Home & Home Office plan.

Sure, there are other backup & sync services like Mozy, Dropbox, SugarSync etc. but our idea was to list services that offered generous amount of space for backing up photos and didn’t put a dent in the budget as well. All these services have some or the other benefits over each other, we now leave the decision over to you as to which service you would choose!


  1. August 23, 2012  3:40 pm by Paul R. Kennedy Reply

    While I have no argument against the need for backup (I have 73 terabytes of backup capacity on my system), I do have an issue with online backup. My current downlink speed is about 16 mb/sec (actual), my uplink speed is just 1.3 mb/sec (actual); and most ADSL providers are about the same - max is 1.5 mb/sec uplink (the A in ADSL means asynchronous). If your provider is a cable company, your uplink speed may be higher, but imagine how much time it would take to upload and entire large assignment to online storage. I just finished an overseas assignment that resulted in 163 GB worth of images - do the math - 163 GB at 1.3 MB/sec = Looooonnng time!

    Via @ Paul Kennedy from Photography Business Group

  2. August 23, 2012  3:43 pm by Mayank Reply

    WOWW! The techie in me is certainly excited after looking at those numbers :) BTW, You'd probably need to build yourself a Backblaze Storage Pod! check this out :)

    Agreed that in your case it'd take a lot of time to upload. 163 gb gets uploaded in about 46 hours considering that you are getting a constant 1 mbps of upload speed. But these are current scenarios....not so distant future has much faster internet so it will not be a problem really. online backup space will only grow in future as the infrastructure improves.

    As an example... India has almost not seen really came about couple of years ago.... but now telecom companies are planning to totally skip 3g and have started to offer 4G instead...with speeds up to 100 Mbps. It's at a very nascent stage though.

    Coming back to online storage... these companies are banking on the fact that in future internet will be fast and that's why they are already making the storage cheaper... where companies like HP & Dell take over $50,000 for build petabyte capacity servers.... a company like backblaze did it in under $8000. I'm confident that if not now but in less than couple of years you'd be using online backup services :)